Thomas M. DeMars

Thomas DeMars

Mr. Thomas M. DeMars, CIPFA, Principal, has been with the firm since December 1988. Prior to his association with Fieldman Rolapp & Associates, he worked for a regional investment banking firm specializing in municipal finance. Mr. DeMars has a broad range of experience from conception of debt issues to policy development for debt issuance and debt issuance administration and management. During his career Mr. DeMars has managed hundreds of municipal financing projects that have funded billions of dollars in public improvements; including land-secured financing, tax allocation, general obligation, and revenue bonds as well as certificates of participation, notes, and private placements. Currently, Mr. DeMars is responsible for the firm’s water and utility financial advisory practice.

Mr. DeMars has been active in the National Association of Independent Public Finance Advisors (NAIPFA) since its inception in 1989 and served as a member of the Board 1998 - 2006

Mr. DeMars has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance, both from California State University, Hayward.